Reccuring Monthly Revenue With Benefits & Rewards





What is Lakeview Loyalty

The Lakeview Loyalty Membership Program provides the restaurant owner with a unique platform that will automate and manage all rewards offered to your clients. You will have access to a dashboard, where you can monitor the number and details of your members, as in rewards redeemed, and actual $ accumulated at any given period. Your subscribers will also have access to their own member dashboard with offers ready to use. 

How it works

Businesses can create rewards for their members using their dashboard.  These rewards can be single, multiple, or unlimited for members and can be set to be ongoing or expire monthly. Members are automatically billed monthly and the recurring monthly revenue to the store is automatically deposited in the business account of the store. Once members are signed up, they see their rewards on a web app and can redeem these rewards at the business. Businesses can track rewards used and the revenue generated.

a perfect example

ExportGrill a is great example of the integration of our Lakeview Benefit Program. We created their website, membership strategy, marketing materials. Thanks to all this, they have new subscribers on a regular basis.

Offer Rewards Like

Discounted Meals

Upgraded Service

Exclusive Events

Free Food

Free Merchandise